AI Prospector: Quick Start Setup

Out-of-the-box playbook to get started with Warmly's AI Prospector feature end-to-end in under 10 minutes

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Setup Time: 10 Minutes


Warmly has created this quick start setup guide in order to help you get started using our AI Prospector tool immediately post-implementation. Within 10 minutes, you will have an AI Prospector workflow set up end-to-end. Warmly has provided you with specific sequence copy that you can use out of the gate, and tailor to your business needs over time.


As seen in Warmly’s ROI analysis of AI Prospector (and depending on many variables including website traffic), you should be targeting 2,000 outbound touchpoints with the feature and should be receiving 30 booked meetings from those touchpoints, generating substantial run-rate ROI every month.

Warmly Setup

Go to the AI Prospector tab within Settings in your Warmly dashboard.

Click the + Add Workflow button.

Name your Workflow “{{Persona}} at Key ICP Accounts” (for example, “Sales Leaders at Key ICP Accounts).

Create and add the following Segments

(Warmly Help Center articles hyperlinked).

Create and add the Persona that matches your Workflow

(Warmly Help Center article HERE).

Don't overthink this (it's not case sensitive), and keep it broad to start. For example, for 'Sales Leaders', apply:

  • head of sales, director of sales, vice president of sales, sales manager

Final Steps

  1. For number of prospects, select 4-6. We can adjust this upwards or downwards over time to ensure we’re sequencing the optimal amount of prospects.

  2. For prospecting provider, if you have integrated your Apollo for prospecting, select Apollo. If you have not, select Warmly Prospector.

  3. Toggle the Visitor location search button ON. This will have the prospecting tool reach out to prospects in/near the same geographical area as the person who visited your website.

  4. Select the sequence you want to add prospects into. Select the sender and the owner of the contact.

  5. At the top right of the Workflow, toggle the Workflow ON.

Note: you can and should have multiple reps with this same Workflow, just duplicate the workflow (using the three dots at the top of the workflow) and select a new sender and owner of the contact when you select the sequence.

Sequencing Setup

Ultra Basic: ICP Contacts

*Note* replace {{variable}}s and [[HYPERLINK]]s appropriately. For any hyperlink include the Warmly UTM parameter for better individual-level identification (details in General Settings within Warmly).

To get going with AI Prospector as fast as possible, we recommend kicking-off with an ultra basic sequence. Prospects who are spending time on your site but haven't converted yet will have a higher chance to convert if re-targeted.

Sequence Overview

  1. Relevance Grabber

  2. Problem identifier

  3. Fwd me please

  4. You there?

Sequence Specifics

1. Relevance Grabber

Delay: Immediate

Sent as: new email

Subject line: thanks again for visiting! Next steps?


Hey {{first_name}},

Did you or someone on your team stop by {{myCompany}}'s website?

Our marketing team alerted me that you or your teammates were visiting likely to {{insert value prop. Ex "find new ways increase employee happiness"}}. We're happy to help!

I wanted to reach out to ensure you have a direct line to me in case you wanted to go over next steps?



2. Problem Identifier

Delay: 2 days

Sent as: New email

Subject line: our {{problem. ex: churn rate}} problem. check out {{myCompany}}?


{{first_name}} - {{persona title. ex: Lead Engineer}}'s on your team might be struggling with {{problem. ex: churn rate}} since they came by our website last week, right?

{{yourCompany}} [[HYPERLINK YOUR WEBSITE]] {{insert ROI stat. ex: reduces churn by 25% within the first 3 months of using our customer success platform}}. At least that's what {{caseStudyCustomer}} [[HYPERLINK CASE STUDY]] says.

3. Fwd me please

Delay: 2 days

Sent as: New email

Subject line: fwd to your {{persona title. ex: Lead Engineer}} on your team?


Hey {{first_name}},

Can you forward me to your {{persona title. ex: Lead Engineer}} on your team?

Looks like they were trying to understand more about {{reason. ex our pricing page options}} and I wanted to help!



4. You there?

Delay: 1 day

Sent as: Reply to last message

Subject line: N/A



*** These are just examples of sequences that the Warmly team has found successful, please tailor these messages to your specific ICP. Also see Sequencing Best Practices.

This article was made by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success at Warmly. Get in touch with the customer success team at [email protected] with any questions.

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