Overview and Setup of Personas

What are personas in Warmly and how to use them to enrich contacts

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Personas in Warmly enable your team to filter prospects to narrowly fit your ICP. To create personas, head to the Settings tab in your Warmly dashboard and select the Personas feature.

Creating personas

To create a persona, click the '+ Add Persona' button. You will need to name the persona (for example, 'Sales Leaders').

From there, Warmly recommends solely creating personas based on Title, since the Title search facilitates in the highest number of found contacts.

Type into the field and apply all of the titles that fit your ICP, and be sure to include seniority levels within the title (for example, 'director'). Note that if you do not include seniority levels within the title (for example, you just include 'sales'), then prospecting based on this persona will find all individuals within sales of all seniority levels.

Warmly Example: Sales Leaders (titles to include)

  • chief revenue officer

  • cro

  • head of sales

  • vp of sales

  • vice president of sales

  • director of sales

  • sales manager

In most cases, it will be important for your use case that the personas found when prospecting include an email (instead of, perhaps, just including LinkedIn or phone contact information). To ensure that prospects found include an email address, select Email and make sure it is known.

Manually testing your personas

Testing personas is very simple, and the process to test is the same process that you would use if you were to manually prospect personas at accounts visiting your website. See the video below for a very brief (and important!) guide.

Warmly Prospector vs. Apollo

Warmly integrates with Apollo using your Apollo API key so that our customers are able to use their Apollo persona enrichment credits within Warmly (for setup, see this Help Center article).

If you don't use Apollo for persona enrichment, then you may have access to some of Warmly's persona enrichment credits using the Warmly Prospector based on your subscription tier. If you have any questions about this, please contact your customer success manager.

In any prospecting area within Warmly, there is an option to toggle between the Warmly Prospector and Apollo for persona enrichment based on tools available to your organization.

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