Warmly's Free Version: Getting Set Up

Everything you need to know in order to get fully set up using Warmly for free

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Hey there! The Warmly team is very excited that you've chosen to use the free version of Warmly. Warmly will help illuminate traffic coming to your website, and will help you and your team act strategically on that information.

At this point, you probably have Warmly's script tag on your website (no worries if not... details below!), and you see data flowing into your Warmly dashboard. The next step is setting up a few Slack channels through which you will be notified if a relevant prospect is on your website, and included in that will be setting up Segments, which you can think of as filters to successfully narrow down your Slack notifications and tailor them to your organization.

Adding Warmly's Script Tag To Your Website

See here for an article on how to add Warmly script tag to your website so that Warmly can start enriching your website traffic and displaying data.


Note: Some of these segments may already be pre-added to your Segments tab, and you can adjust them easily to fit the needs of your organization.

See here for an overview of how Warmly's segmentation, or filtering, works.

  1. Segmenting based on company headquarter location

  2. Segmenting based on company employee count

  3. Segmenting based on company industry

  4. Segmenting based on estimated annual revenue

  5. Segmenting to filter out a specific domain

  6. Segmenting to filter out university and government traffic

❗See here for an important article on how to ensure that you have built the segment properly.

Slack Channels

Now that you have built segments that reflect the filtering you would like to do to make notifications relevant to your organization, it's time to make the Slack channels themselves.

Warmly would recommend starting with one Slack channel that your team can use to receive notifications that prospects at ICP accounts are visiting your website.

From there, after reviewing the data for a period of time (perhaps a week), we would recommend that you consider adding other Slack channels to further fit your needs.

A second channel would likely be narrowing your ICP down even further, and would be considered a higher priority Slack channel than your first Slack channel, which provides a slightly broader set of website traffic notifications.

  1. Creating your Slack channel and integrating with Warmly (~2 minutes)

  2. Applying the proper segments to your Slack channel (~1 minute)

  3. Notifications should start flowing in shortly... contact the Warmly team if you don't receive notifications or if you think they are inaccurate based on your segments applied

Upgrading To Warmly's Paid Tiers

In love with Warmly's insights and want to unlock more data and a vast set of playbooks to enable your sales and marketing teams to take efficient and effective action on the data? See below for a short video from our CEO, Max, displaying the value of Warmly's paid tiers.

This article was written by the Customer Success team at Warmly. Please feel free to reach out to your CSM directly or [email protected]

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