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What are segments in Warmly and how will they help me filter my traffic?

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Warmly uses segments as filters to help you narrow down the traffic that you are getting notified about in Slack.

Glossary of Fundamental Segments

  1. Segment based on company headquarters

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  2. Segment based on company employee count

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  3. Segment based on company industry

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  4. Segment based on company estimated annual revenue

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  5. Segment to filter out certain domains

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  6. Segment to filter out university and government traffic

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  7. Segment for greenfield CRM accounts

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  8. Segment for rep-owned CRM accounts

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  9. Segment for CRM accounts in certain deal stages

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There are a plethora of segments that can be easily built within Warmly to ensure that when your sales team is getting notifications within Slack that a prospect is on your website, your sales team is excited about the notification and eager to jump into the session for a Warm Call.

Warmly typically thinks about our segments in two ways: CRM-related segments and non-CRM-related segments.

CRM-related segments are segments that use data being read from your CRM. Typical CRM-related segments are:

  • Greenfield segments

    • Filtering out accounts / contacts already in your CRM

  • Account-owner specific segments

    • Filtering in accounts / contacts that are owned by one of your sales reps

  • Deal stage segments

    • Filtering in / out accounts / contacts that are within certain deal stages within your CRM

Non-CRM-related segments are segments that are generally based on company-specific information. Typical CRM-related segments are:

  • Employee count

  • Industry

  • Company headquarters

  • Estimated annual revenue

  • Filtering out certain domains and types of domains (like university and government traffic)

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