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Outbound Chat: Automating Warm Calling Using AI Messaging
Outbound Chat: Automating Warm Calling Using AI Messaging

Warmly's playbook for Outbound Chat, which enables you to automate the initial proactive chat messages sent to prospects on your website

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Your sales team uses Warmly to be notified real-time via a Slack alert when hot sessions are occurring on your website so that your reps can Warm Call those prospects and engage with them real-time while the prospects are at their hungriest. However, your team wants to ensure that your busy reps are not missing any warm leads coming to your website (you want to send initial messages to ALL of your warm leads!), so you lean into Warmly's Outbound Chat functionality to automatically send two engaging, contextualized messages to all of these leads.

If and when a prospect responds to the Outbound Chat's messages, your sales team will be directly notified in a Slack notification channel set up to just for Outbound Chat notifications. This is an immensely hot alert for your sales team given that you have a prospect live on your website who has engaged with the Outbound Chat, so your reps should enter the session immediately and finish the engagement with the prospect.

While Outbound Chat will pretend to be one of your reps (whichever rep you select while setting up Outbound Chat) and will send contextualized messages to prospects on your website (you can adjust the AI prompting to mention the page that the prospect is currently on, or call them by their first name or company name if known), it will never be as high converting as Warm Calling because it cannot perfectly mimic a real human. That said, utilizing Outbound Chat will save your reps time by automating the initial outreach to prospects on your website, looping the relevant reps in via a Slack notification only in the event of a response from the prospect.

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Playbook: Outbound Chat on High Intent Pages

Creating and Integrating Your Slack Notification Channel for Outbound Chat Notifications

See Warmly's Creating Slack Notification Channels article to set up your Slack notification channel for this playbook. Warmly recommends that you name this Slack notification channel warmly-ai-chat-notifications.

Once you have integrated the Slack channel, you will need to add a Notification within your Chat workflow. See the screenshot below for details.

Setting Up Outbound Chat

See this Help Center article on how to set up Outbound Chat

Warmly recommends the below message for the first prompt (message 1):

Greet the visitor. Mention their first name only (if you have it, if not just say hey), and make a comment about the page the person is currently on. Don't say "Need any assistance". Do not mention the name of the company that the visitor works at.

Keep it to 11 words or less. Keep the tone casual. Lowercase the first letter in the sentence. Don't include any notes, disclaimers, or error messages. Don't include any quotations.

Examples of text to use:

1. hey Steve! Saw you're on our pricing page. LMK if you have questions?

2. hey Steve! Saw you're on our case studies page. Anything interesting?

3. hey Steve! Saw you're checking out our blog page. What do you think?

Use only 1 emoji

Warmly recommends the below message for the second prompt (message 2):

The person visiting the website has not responded to your previous message. Write another message to this person to get them to respond. Do not greet the person or say "hi", "hey", or anything similar. Use 10 words or less. Make it extremely casual. Ask "just wondering, what prompted you to check us out?" Start the message with a lowercase letter.

Who can see chat on your site? Who gets notified?

Select the Edit Audience and Conditions to choose which prospects you would like to receive Outbound Chat messages. You can select certain segments or conditions and even select who on your team should be notified in Slack



  • Pathname to be any of your highest intent pages (pricing, case studies, demo, etc.)

Warmly's Chat Dashboard (Important!)

Warmly's Chat dashboard within Warm Reports grants your team an umbrella view of your chat history through Warmly. Using this dashboard, your team can easily see all missed chats (where prospects engaged with your Outbound Chat but your team did not engage back) and get back in touch with prospects with hyper-contextualized detail.

Warmly's Chat dashboard

An example of a high intent engagement with an identified visitor through Inbound Chat (the same would be true with Outbound Chat)

Customizations for your Settings & Brand

Warmly lets your team customize your Chat settings to provide an on-brand experience to your prospects.

Set the company brand by selecting a chat color and uploading your logo

Name the Generic Team User and upload an image (likely the same as your logo), we suggest using [Your Company] Team

For Greeting, upload your company logo, or upload a Default company video (Warmly suggests uploading an engaging Default company video for increased engagement)

Add a team calendar link (likely a round robin link) so prospects can quickly book a meeting with the team

Set business hours where applicable (Warmly recommends selecting All days and times of the week to enable our chat to engage with as many prospects as possible, while providing them CTAs to book meetings or leave their email when reps are not available)

This article was written by the Customer Success team at Warmly. Please feel free to reach out to your CSM directly or [email protected]

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