How do I connect my calendar?

Why we ask for your permission to connect it, and what we do once you give us permission.

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When you set up your Warmly account, you'll be asked to give Warmly access to view and modify events on your calendar events.

To create a Warmly account, you will need to grant us this permission.

Here's why we ask for it and how we keep you safe once you grant it.

Why we ask for this

Warmly provides you people insights and background signatures - but we need to know who you're meeting with so that we can give you those insights through Calendar Signatures and customize your business cards.

When you give Warmly permission to view and edit events on all your calendars, you're getting the ability to do things like:

  • See who your meeting with and give you their insights (like LinkedIn pages and company information).

  • Customize background signatures to include the person you are meeting with's company logo.

  • Add that information into Calendar Signatures so you can efficiently prep for your meeting.

How we keep this information safe

Your security is our top-priority. When you give us your permission, we will:

  • NEVER sell, trade, or rent your information.

  • Follow stringent internal and external data protection protocols to ensure the information stays secure.

  • Comply with all GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Are you curious what Warmly sees when granting this permission? Click to view this article.

If you have any questions, send our Security team an email by clicking here and we'll be happy to assist.

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