What are Calendar Signatures?

Calendar Signatures provide information about the people you are meeting with directly in your Calendar event.

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When you start using Warmly, you'll see that your Calendar events have a little extra information on them. These quick insights about the people you're meeting with are called Calendar Signatures.

There are two types of Calendar Signatures:


External Calendar Signatures provide specific information on the organizations that are included in the meeting such as company size, a brief blurb on what the company is about and a link to its website. This is to give you a quick overview of who you're meeting with and how to tailor your conversation to best fit the needs of that particular company.


Internal Calendar Signatures are more condensed since all the meeting attendees work within the same company. Instead of detailed information on the company, Warmly includes their bio to help you connect with your co-workers better.

How do I edit Calendar Signatures?

  • Edit your information in the Nametag Builder

  • Edit your company information in the Admin Portal (Business Tier only)

Who sees Calendar Signatures?

  • All calendar invites where you are the OWNER (you created it), everyone on the invite will see the information

  • All calendar invites sent to you where you are the PARTICIPANT (you did not create it), only you can see the information

What are my Calendar Signature settings?

  • Add my Calendar Signature to my calendar - enables or disables the whole feature

  • Add Calendar Signatures about others I meet with to my calendar - enables or disables seeing information about people you meet with. Note: if the people you meet with do not yet have a Warmly profile, then we guess information about them using Clearbit. The net of this is that sometimes this information can be wrong. If you are concerned about this, then turn it off

  • Add Calendar Signatures for recurring meetings to my calendar

Why would I want to use Calendar Signatures?

  • Share more about yourself with prospects and others before a call

  • Share more about company with prospects and others before a call

  • Learn more about who you're meeting with when you didn't have time to do research on them beforehand

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