AI Chat: Quick Start Setup

Out-of-the-box playbook to get started with Warmly's AI Chat feature end-to-end in under 10 minutes

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Setup Time: 10 Minutes


Warmly has created this quick start setup guide in order to help you get started using our AI Chat tool immediately post-implementation. Within 10 minutes, you will have AI Chat set up end-to-end. Warmly has provided you with specific prompting copy that you can use out of the gate, and tailor to your business needs over time.


As seen in Warmly’s ROI analysis of AI Chat (and depending on many variables including website traffic), you should be targeting 1,000 AI Chat messages with the feature and should be receiving 10 booked meetings from those touchpoints, generating substantial run-rate ROI every month.

Warmly Setup

Go to the Warm AI Chat tab within Settings in your Warmly dashboard.

Select a Default Warm AI Chat User (the AI version of this rep will be sending AI-generated messages to prospects visiting your website).

For Message 1, have the AI generated toggle ON and copy paste the following prompt (example):

Say hey, their first name only (if you have it, if not just say hey), and make a comment about the page the person is currently on. Don't say "Need any assistance". Don't say hey, company name.

Keep it to 11 words or less. Keep the tone casual. Lowercase the first letter in the sentence. Don't include any notes, disclaimers, or error messages. Don't include any quotations.

Examples of text to use:

1. hey Steve! Saw you're on our pricing page. LMK if you have questions?

2. hey Steve! Saw you're on our case studies page. Anything interesting?

3. hey Steve! Saw you're checking out our blog page. What do you think?

Use only 1 emoji

For Message 2, have the AI generated toggle OFF and copy paste the following prompt (be sure to manually insert your calendar link into the prompt):

what prompted you to check us out? if you want to book a meeting with sales do it here: {{insert calendar link}}

Click the + Add Trigger button and select Starts a session. Do not select any conditions. For segments, create and add the below (Warmly Help Center articles hyperlinked):

Setup Slack Notifications for Chat Replies

  1. Create a Slack channel and name it ‘warmly-ai-chat-notifications’.

  2. Integrate it with Warmly in the Slack tab.

  3. After integrating, select the [+ Add Notification] button and select Responds to Chat.

  4. In the newly created "Responds to Chat" workflow, under Send notifications to the following Slack channels select the ‘warmly-ai-chat-notifications’ channel.

Want to add a custom video chat bubble?

  1. Go to the Chat tab and briefly toggle Chat to ACTIVE.

  2. Under "Settings & Brand," go to the GREETING section and select VIDEO GREETING

  3. Select Default company video, select Upload video.

  4. Select Turn my camera ON, record a brief (2 second) video of you waving and smiling, then click Upload recorded video.

  5. Turn Chat back OFF (the video will save for AI Chat).

  6. Make sure that the same person who is the Default Warm AI Chat User in the Warm AI Chat tab recorded the video.

This article was made by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success at Warmly. Get in touch with the customer success team at [email protected] with any questions.

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