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👋Welcome! This in-depth guide aims to further introduce and familiarize you with using Warmly at your organization.

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Introduction: Guide Overview

👋Welcome to Part II of Warmly’s enablement guide! If you just installed Warmly and set a hyper-basic Nametag in Part I, this in-depth guide aims to further introduce and familiarize you with using Warmly at your organization. In each step, we’ll show you how to customize your existing virtual Nametag to establish credibility and professionalism on calls, as well as how to more effectively connect and network with others using Warmly.

Here’s a quick video overview of what this guide covers:

  1. Building and managing your Warmly Nametag (cont.)

  2. Learning more information about others you meet with to drive connections

If you’d prefer to watch a brief 3-min tutorial video, you can do so here.

Navigating this guide

Before you begin your Warmly journey, feel free to navigate back to any of the below sections as needed. If you should ever need further help, please reach out to [email protected] with questions. Additionally, if you have not installed Warmly in Part I by completing the checklist for using Warmly in Zoom, you can visit that guide here.

Building and managing your Warmly Nametag (cont.)

Find insights to drive deeper connections with others

Learn about others you meet with on the Meetings tab

Lastly, the “Meeting” tab on Warmly helps you create deeper relationships with the people you’re meeting. In real time, Warmly provides instant insights and context on everyone you meet. Find refreshing ways to build connections with people you meet, instantly:

  1. Start by clicking on the Meetings tab.

*Note: because Warmly connects to your calendar, all current & upcoming meetings this week will be shown.

2. Click into any meeting to see context on the meeting and all participants.

3. Then, click on any meeting participant or See Details to learn more about them.

*Note: Warmly automatically shows Linkedin, title, company description & more.

4. From the details page you'll be able to learn more about the company they work at and click to see their latest company news, org chart, and LinkedIn page.

❓Where does Warmly get this information? Warmly adds context to meeting participants from publicly available sources like Linkedin and Twitter. Sometimes this data can be inaccurate if people, for example, have not updated their Linkedin recently. Additionally, meeting participants do not need to be Warmly users for you to see context on them.

💡 Pro tip: notice someone is a VR Enthusiast, too? Create a Note so you can connect with them next time you meet! Notes are automatically saved and are only visible to you.

You’re now set up for success!

Congratulations on creating a personal and professional Nametag with Warmly in Zoom! If you or your organization should need any help, please reach out to [email protected].

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