Getting Started: Platform Overview

👋 Welcome to Warmly! Part I of this enablement guide aims to show you how to install and set up Warmly at your organization. We'll take you step-by-step through the install process of Warmly to enable you (and your organization) to start leveling up your Zoom experience and leave memorable impressions on each call.

If you’re like most who want to use Warmly, you realize how tough it is to build lasting relationships virtually. But you also recognize the power of how using an on-screen Nametag will be a powerful unlock for your business and its brand. Warmly is the Zoom add-on that provides team’s virtual Nametags to help them in building deeper relationships and professionalism.

Here’s a quick video overview of what this guide covers:

  1. Joining your company’s team account

  2. Building and managing your first Warmly Nametag

Over 10,000 organizations like Nike, Salesforce & Twilio trust Warmly to look professional

Navigating this guide

Before you begin your Warmly journey, feel free to navigate back to any of the below sections as needed. If you should ever need further assistance, please reach out to [email protected] with all questions. Additionally, below is a brief checklist for review that will help you to reach success in setting up Warmly for use.

  1. Getting Started: Platform Overview

    1. Navigating this guide

  2. Joining Your Company’s Team Account

    1. Part I: Install the Warmly add-on to your Zoom client

    2. Part II: Sign on to create an account with Warmly

  3. Building and managing your Warmly Nametag

    1. Edit your profile information on the You tab

    2. Install and Nametag Completion

💡Before you start, have you completed the checklist?

To avoid common issues with install, be sure to check that you’ve done the following:

✅ Download the Zoom desktop app if you use a browser on the web version for meetings.

✅ Upgrade to the latest version of Zoom (5.9 or later) for optimal experience.

Joining Your Company’s Team Account

Part I: Install the Warmly add-on to your Zoom client

Warmly saves you time so you can focus on what matters most: building better relationships. Our convenient Zoom-add on makes it easy to look professional and create connections where you meet co-workers & clients everyday. To add Warmly to your Zoom client:

  1. Head over to Warmly’s Zoom app marketplace listing.

  2. Click Sign in to Add (use your corporate Zoom account, e.g. [email protected]).

  3. After signing into your corporate Zoom account, click Visit Site to Add.

    1. Be sure to click Allow to add Warmly to Zoom.

b. After, you’ll be redirected to your Zoom client to complete the add-on.

❓Why was I not redirected to Zoom? You must be logged into your corporate Zoom account (e.g. [email protected]) on both the webpage you visited and the Zoom client to successfully add Warmly. To fix this, open your Zoom client, log in & click the Apps icon to view the App (Apps can be accessed outside of any meeting from the client):

4. Once redirected (or if you clicked AI Business Cards by Warmly in the previous step), click Start Meeting to open Warmly.

*Note: this is a self-meeting, where only you will be in the meeting.

Part II: Sign on to create an account with Warmly

After adding Warmly to your Zoom client, you’ll need to create an account with Warmly to use the App. In this section, we’ll show you how to sign on safely with Warmly. If your Admin requires SSO, then please reach out to us at [email protected]. Otherwise, please use your work-associated Google or Microsoft account to sign up.

  1. Start your account creation by clicking Sign in with Google/Microsoft

*Note: you’ll notice the “Apps” icon between the “Reactions” & “End” meeting buttons on your taskbar. To open or close Warmly in meetings, toggle the Apps button.

2. Select your background.

3. Enter your relevant information in the following webpages.

4. Click Connect your Calendar and Allow Warmly to view calendar events.

❓Why is Warmly asking for this? Your company has already approved this functionality, but by connecting your calendar, Warmly will show unique information on everyone you'll meet. Learn more about others with personal bios, mutual connections on LinkedIn, news about their company & more. It’ll also allow you to bring in dynamic logos and shoutouts that are contextual to the person you’re meeting with.

6. Once redirected back to Zoom, your Warmly account will be successfully created, dropping you back into the self-meeting to begin building your Nametag.

Building and managing your Warmly Nametag

Edit your profile information on the You tab

The “You” tab is one of three tabs, located on the bottom of the Warmly taskbar as the furthest right button. In this section, we’ll show you how to add a personal touch to your Nametag. As you configure to your needs, Warmly will craft your Nametag in real time:

  1. In the self-meeting, turn on your camera by clicking Start Video.

*Note: Warmly will auto-populate a hyper-basic Nametag for convenience.

❓Why is my Nametag not showing? If you’ve never set a background in Zoom before, you might be missing the "Smart Virtual Background package". To fix this, click the ^ on the Start Video button and set a native background from the settings to start the install:

2. Click the You tab to add & edit profile information that appears on your Nametag.

a. Here, you can share location, pronouns, name pronunciation, LinkedIn & more to help others get to know you better.

💡 Pro tip: make sure to add a short Bio in your profile. Tidbits about yourself reduces time on intros with others and can help to build better rapport beyond the basics. Here’s an example format that you can use: “Amatuer surfer, Chipotle enthusiast, Evening woodworker.”

3. Any information on the “You” tab can be shown or hidden as desired by clicking the Eye Icon in the respective profile field.

Install and Nametag completion

Having now learned a few ways to configure your profile information, you have successfully installed the app and set a hyper-basic Nametag with Warmly. Interested to learn more? Continue on to an in-depth Part II enablement guide here.

Any questions?

If you need further help in installing or setting up your virtual Nametag, keep in mind that your Warmly for Enterprise subscription comes with unlimited help center tickets. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions.

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