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Prospector 2.0 is here with a new name - ORCHESTRATOR!

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This revamped version of our AI Prospector will allow you to build out workflows to automate email and LinkedIn messages to prospects coming to your site.


When Clicking into "See Details" you'll be able to VIEW the Orchestration.

To EDIT, click "Edit Orchestration"


In the Settings tab, we can see the status of your Warmly Prospector credits

as well as the level of email verification you want to perform while prospecting.

Deliverable is automatically ON (this is why its grayed out)

You can turn ON or OFF risky and unknown emails if you choose.

Metrics and Run Logs

See Metrics of contacts pulled by each Orchestration.

See the run logs of each orchestration. If you see an error, please reach out to your CSM right away!

Building an Orchestration

Follow the steps below to build a new Orchestration. See NAVIGATION section for creating a new Orchestration.

This article was written by the Customer Success team at Warmly. Please feel free to reach out to your CSM directly or [email protected]

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