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Warmly's playbook for sales reps, or any other users of the tool. This will show you how to use Warmly on a daily basis.

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Warm Calling How-To and Best Practices (Live Chat)

After correctly setting up your high intent Slack notification channels and adding the relevant sales team member to the Slack channel (also making sure they are in your organization in Warmly!), it's time to start proactively engaging with hot sessions on your website.

In your Slack notification channel, by default, any Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity owner will be @ mentioned. This can be changed in the Slack integration section of Warmly.

Once you receive a notification in the Slack channel, use the green 'Warm Call' button to be taken automatically into the live session within Warmly, where you can then engage with the prospect via chat or video call.

It is critical that your team pays close attention to these high intent Slack notification channels. It is common for prospects to stay on your website for under ten seconds, so entering into hot sessions immediately and engaging with prospects will achieve the best conversion.

Example of a Slack notification alert

Example of a session that a rep is taken into upon clicking the green 'Warm Call' button in a Slack alert. Note that your reps can easily turn their video on, can prompt prospects to turn their video on, can chat with prospects, and can send GIFs and calendar links to prospects.

The most challenging part of having a successful Warm Call with a prospect is getting the prospect to respond in the first place! Once the prospect responds, your reps should consider this interaction as they would any traditional sales interaction: qualifying the prospect and either having a sales conversation or using a calendar link to book a meeting with your AE.

In order to get the prospect to respond, Warmly recommends making it overtly clear that they are talking to a real human at your company (prospects will convert a higher percentage of the time if they realize they are talking to a human instead of a bot). To do this, Warmly suggests the below strategies:

  • Turning your video on and taking a few seconds to smile and wave at the prospect (note that you might want to let the prospect know via a chat that you are about to turn your video on so that you don't surprise them!)

  • Sending a GIF related to the location of the prospect, the company they work at, or a current event (like sending a Chiefs GIF after they won the Super Bowl)

  • Asking a qualifying question (note that prospects are more likely to respond to a question that they know the answer to than just a simple greeting from a rep)

  • Utilizing only lower case letters (bots typically use perfect grammar)

  • Utilizing misspellings (bots typically spell everything perfectly)

Warm Calling, or proactively engaging with prospects live on your website, will always be your highest converting method of chat. Commit to it, stick with it, and watch the qualified booked meetings start to flow in.

This article was written by the Customer Success team at Warmly. Please feel free to reach out to your CSM directly or [email protected]

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