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Warmly as an Autonomous Revenue Orchestration Platform
Warmly as an Autonomous Revenue Orchestration Platform

Understand how to think about Warmly as an Autonomous Revenue Orchestration Platform

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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at the graphic below to better understand how to think about Warmly as an Autonomous Revenue Orchestration platform.

Let's dive into this with a bit more detail.

Warmly, as an Autonomous Revenue Orchestration platform, will help your team:

  1. Find the Warmest Leads using Warm Signals, and

  2. Automate engaging with those Warm Leads across the best Channels

Warm Signals

Warmly utilizes Website visits (first-party intent data) and Research intent (third-party intent data) to provide your team the warmest signals available upon which to take action.

Website visits tell your team who is coming to your website at both the company-level and the individual-level.

And research intent tells your team which of those warm accounts visiting your website are also searching for research topics relevant to your organization and business (for example, researching your closest competitors or your key value propositions).

The Warmest Leads will demonstrate positive Historical Signals as well as compelling Engagement Signals.


Not only does Warmly deliver to your team your Warmest Leads on a silver plater, but we also enable your team to take action on those leads utilizing an omni-channel approach... fully automated!

Our Chat, Email and LinkedIn channels serve as an omni-channel approach to target your Warmest Leads across a variety of successful channels to ensure that you get in front of the right leads at the right time with compelling messaging.

Warmly has a variety of Chat tools including Warm Calling, AI Chat and Inbound Chat to engage with prospects real-time while they are on your website. Our AI Prospector tool enables your team to automatically sequence warm leads through both Email and LinkedIn.

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