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Warmly Script Installation: Technical Documentation
Warmly Script Installation: Technical Documentation

What the Warmly script is and how it affects your website.

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What is the Warmly script?

The Warmly script facilitates the integration of Warmly's visitor identification and chatbot functionality into your website. By embedding this script, you enable Warmly to deanonymize visitors and empower them to engage with your website through the chatbot seamlessly. Below is an example of the script you need to include in your website's HTML:

<script id="warmly-script-loader" src="" defer></script>

This script serves as the gateway for Warmly's features, allowing visitors to interact with the chatbot and providing you with valuable insights into their behavior on your website.

How might this impact the load speed of my website?

The Warmly script is optimized to have minimal impact on your website's load speed. Here's why:

  • Efficient Loading: The main script (warmly.js) is meticulously crafted to be lightweight, ensuring swift loading times even on slower internet connections.

  • Caching Strategy: While the main script is not cached to ensure timely updates, other files served by Warmly are cached. This means that subsequent visits to your website will benefit from cached resources, enhancing load times.

  • Async and Defer Attributes: The script is loaded asynchronously (async="true") and deferred (defer="true"), allowing it to load in the background without hindering the loading of your webpage. These attributes ensure that the Warmly script does not disrupt your page load time. You can learn more here.

In summary, the Warmly script seamlessly integrates visitor identification and chatbot functionality into your website while prioritizing efficient loading and performance.

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