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Warm Intros (Connect The Dots): Quick Start Setup
Warm Intros (Connect The Dots): Quick Start Setup

Out-of-the-box playbook to get started with Warmly's Warm Intros feature end-to-end in under 10 minutes

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Setup Time: 10 Minutes


Warmly has created this quick start setup guide in order to help you get started using our Connect The Dots (CTD) integration for warm introductions immediately post-implementation. Within 10 minutes, you will have everything set up end-to-end to make use of this feature. Warmly has provided you with specific template copy that you can use out of the gate, and tailor to your business needs over time.


As seen in Warmly’s ROI analysis of our Connect The Dots integration for warm intros (and depending on many variables including website traffic), you should be targeting 100 warm intro requests sent with the feature and should be receiving 15 booked meetings from those touchpoints, generating substantial run-rate ROI every month.

Warmly Setup

To start using this feature, go to the Warm Accounts tab, select any account, and then select the Warm Intros sub-tab. You will be prompted to create a Connect The Dots (CTD) account and link your email and your LinkedIn. Complete these steps.

Once done, under Inbox, select Templates. Select + New template and add the below information into your template.

Name: Warm Introduction to Account Visiting Website

Subject: Do you know {{}} well?


Hey {{contact.first_name}},

I see you have a connection to {{}}. Would you be willing to put me in touch with them? We've noticed an uptick in traffic from {{}} recently and they're spending time on our high intent pages... I'd really appreciate the intro!


Every week, set a 15-minute reminder for yourself to do the below Warm Introductions workflow.

  1. During your allocated time for Warm Introductions, go to the Warm Accounts tab.

  2. Ensure that the time toggle is set to Past Week, and apply any ICP-related segments to help you narrow down the companies that you’re interested in.

  3. For each company in the Warm Accounts tab that you’re interested in prospecting into, click into the company, go to the Warm Intros sub-tab, and send pre-drafted warm introduction emails to try and get in touch with your ICP persona at those accounts.

  4. The more you send, the more likely you'll get initial booked meetings. Hit your targets!

This article was written by the Customer Success team at Warmly. Please feel free to reach out to your CSM directly or [email protected]

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