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Warmly Data Quality: 6sense Match Rates
Warmly Data Quality: 6sense Match Rates
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Warmly uses 6sense as one of our data providers for account de-anonymization. 6sense is the industry leading provider in B2B Data Intent according to Forrester (source).

6sense' goal is to have the best quality data, not necessarily the highest quantity of data matched. Please read below to hear about how 6sense intentionally puts a higher quality bar around data, while other intent data providers calculate their matches differently:

6sense Pageview Match Rate

A pageview match rate is a metric showcasing how well website traffic can be converted into actionable insight. 6sense calculates the pageview match rate to determine the amount of activity on a webpage that 6sense can then match to an account. Since each visitor could have multiple pageviews, 6sense also calculates the visitor match rate to gauge the number of visitors 6sense can match to an account.

These match rates reflect how well 6sense deanonymizes website traffic. 6sense constantly improves its value attribution for a better customer experience. 6sense has updated the match rate to use stricter definitions of pageviews for a more accurate and robust match rate calculation.

Pageview Definitions

  • Non-actionable Pageview: Matched pageviews that will not be used by a customer. These pageviews include those matched to something other than a company name/domain (such as views caused by bots, proxies, noisy signal, and so on). Non-actionable pageviews are no longer a subset of valid pageviews.

  • Valid Pageview: Matched pageviews that a customer could use if matched to a company name/domain. Valid pageviews include matched pageviews and no match pageviews.

  • Matched Pageview: Valid pageviews 6sense matched to a company name/domain.

  • No Match Pageview: Valid pageviews that 6sense could not match to anything.

  • Soft-Matched Pageview: Valid pageviews that are only verified by a single, low-confidence source. Soft-match pageviews are a subset of no match pageviews.

How 6sense Categorizes Pageviews

Pageviews are first categorized as non-actionable or valid. Valid pageviews are then classified as matched or no match. Soft-matched pageviews are no longer classified as non-actionable. Instead, soft-matched pageviews are considered a no match pageview because they could become matched once more sources verify the match. With this change, non-actionable pageviews are solely those that customers will not be using at any point in time.


Pageview Match Rate Calculation

Because of 6sense’s more strict definition for categorizing pageviews, the match rate calculation is now:


The match rate calculation is more discerning. This increased discernment significantly benefits our customers. Although this approach initially lowers our match rate, a more accurate match rate provides customers with the highest value pageviews instead of simply displaying the highest possible match rate. This change ensures you get the most value from pageviews for segments, display campaigns, account/lead scores, and so on.

Previous Pageview Match Rate Calculation

6sense previously calculated the match rate as:


This calculation included non-actionable pageviews that customers would never use. So, 6sense changed the definition to exclude non-actionable pageviews from the match rate calculation.

Our new definition gives customers a match rate that correlates highly to the number of pageviews that a customer could act on. In other words, it’s more refined and useful.

How Others Define Pageview Match Rates

Match rates between different vendors are not an apples-to-apples comparison. Experience and analysis indicates that different vendors calculate pageview match rates as:


Though this calculation is simpler, the resulting match rate is inflated. It includes non-actionable data that detracts from the data-driven insights you need to achieve your goals.

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