6sense Integration: API Key
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Why does Warmly use 6sense?

Warmly uses 6sense to help you build more pipeline. We first allow you to be able to hyper-personalize chat and video chat conversations with prospects both using our Warm AI Chat and our Human Chat. By feeding both humans and AI information about who is visiting your website from 6sense, customers can generate more pipeline. Secondly we real-time alert you to key prospect and customer accounts visiting your website so you can take action on them.

Why connect your 6sense API Key?

Warmly is an OEM of 6sense which means we can resell 6sense data to our customers. This comes with an added cost to be able to service customers. If customers already use 6sense, we can subtract out the cost and leverage your existing 6sense API Key to cover the cost of website de-anonymization and personalization.

Implementation Process

  1. Contact your 6sense CSM to get access to your 6sense API Key

  2. Add your 6sense API Key into the Warmly portal in our Settings Tab

3. Done! Once your code snippet is live on the Website, Warmly will now use your API key for 6sense sessions


  1. Should I leave my 6sense API Key on my website? Yes - you will likely have other 6sense use cases

  2. Will I get double-charged by 6sense because two code snippets are firing my API key? No - Warmly and 6sense's partnership do not require you to pay more for 6sense

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