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Implementation documentation for Warmly's Slack integration

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In just a few clicks, you can integrate a Slack channel with Warmly to receive notifications when an event occurs on your website (a prospect starting a session, landing on a specific page, starting a form fill, requesting to speak to an agent, or responding to an AI chat message). Accepting permissions allows Warmly to interact with a Slack channel and feed this data into a notification.

**Detailed Permission List + Oath Scopes Below**

Warmly's Slack integration interacts with one Slack channel at a time (you will need to integrate each of your relevant Slack channels with Warmly individually). To do so, you will need to create the Slack channel in your Slack workspace, and then integrate it through Warmly.

Also important to note is that Warmly only posts Slack notifications via this integration; we do not modify, edit or delete any content in your Slack or in your CRM.

There are several buckets of Slack notifications that all have very similar functionality. Included below are screenshots of each.

Warmly Example: Starts a session (CRM-related)

Note: Warmly does not read in any conversation data. We only read in the names and emails of the users from your CRM so we can @ message (notify) them.

Warmly Example: Form fill

Warmly Example: Responding to an AI chat message

Warmly Example: Requesting to speak to an agent

Detailed Permission Scopes + Oath Scopes

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