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How to sign into your Warmly account

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Please watch the below video to understand how to sign into Warmly for the first time. Note that you'll need to sign into Warmly via a Google account.

1) If you sign into Warmly for the first time via your Google account that is attributable to your company (e.g. if your company's email platform is through Google) then you will automatically be added to your company's Warmly dashboard. No further work needed - start inviting your teammates!

2) If you sign into Warmly for the first time via your Google account that is NOT attributable to your company (e.g. a personal Google account), then you will need to contact the Warmly team to manually create an organization within Warmly for your company. The Warmly team will then add you to your organization, and you can invite your teammates from there.

Note: If it is the case that your company email is not a Google account and you don't use a Google account personally, then you will need to create a new, temporary Google account to access Warmly for the time being. If you have any questions on this, reach out to the Warmly team for assistance.

Note: When you see the below banner, don't worry! This is normal for customers who have just set up their account.

This video and article was made by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] with any questions.

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