Navigating Warmly: Warm Visitors

How to use Warmly’s "Warm Visitors" tab to observe an overview of all of the visitors that have visited your website.

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Utilize Warmly’s Warm Visitors tab to observe an overview of all of the visitors that have visited your website within a certain time frame.

Columns within this page are:

  1. Name: The name and incremental information (position, location, email, LinkedIn) for the visitor

  2. Company Info: Additional information about the company including employee count, headquarters, estimated annual revenue, founding date and industry (where available)

  3. CRM Contact: Information about this individual within your CRM (Warmly supports Hubspot and Salesforce integrations as of May 2023)

  4. CRM Deals: Information about deals with this individual within your CRM

  5. Session Time: Active seconds spent on your website

  6. Visits: Number of sessions on your website

  7. Pages Viewed: A count of the number of pages viewed by this individual

  8. Pages Visited: A list of the pages that have been visited

  9. Last Seen: The last time this individual has visited your website

Utilize the search bar to search for the names of specific individuals that have visited your website.

Include segments to filter down the individuals being shown in the dashboard (be sure to pay attention to the AND / OR selector!).

Click into any contact to view more information about their journey on your website.

Use the ‘Export as CSV’ button to download the list of individuals.

This video and article was made by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] with any questions.

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