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My Meeting Boosts not Working?
My Meeting Boosts not Working?
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Warmly Meeting Boosts are a dynamic mode that leverage powerful systems to work.

To access Meeting Boost please ensure:

  1. You're on the latest version of Zoom

  2. When you first loaded Meeting Boost you accepted the Zoom-prompt to download the "Utilities Package Download" (Mac) or let the Zoom Apps Update complete (Window)

3. You are using Warmly *during* a live meeting

If Meeting Boosts have successfully loaded you will see a Green dot in the corner

**I declined the Utilities Package Download or do not remember accepting it. If you user did not accept the “utilities package download” prompt required to run Camera Mode, you can force trigger the download.

  • One option is to go to the settings menu of your device and look for an option to download or update software packages. If the utilities package is available, you can manually trigger the download and installation process.

  • Another option is to check your Zoom folder by using your Terminal App:

    • On macOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/

    • On Windows: %appdata%/Local/Zoom/plugin/cef_x64

      (you can type that in the explorer window to get to the AppData folder or go there from ~\AppData)

    • Once you run that command verify that you see the ZoomCEFAgent installed:

    • Please delete it and then open up Warmly in a self meeting and click on the Boosts tab and ensure that you see the package prompt pop up and that you click download.

  • If this option is not available, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Warmly's Zoom App application, which should trigger the download prompt again.

  • It’s also important to note that if the device is not compatible with the utilities package (some older Windows devices) the download prompt may not appear at all. In this case, you may need to upgrade your device or contact your manufacturer for support to access to the "latest version of CEF on Windows".

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