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How did Warmly find information about me?
How did Warmly find information about me?
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At Warmly, we collect data in a variety of ways. If you’ve received an email from us or seen your information on a Calendar Signature even though you haven’t signed up to use Warmly, it’s due to one of the following reasons:

  • Marketing prospects: Our marketing team is always looking to reach new people who could benefit from using Warmly. They source this information from a number of places, and it can sometimes be provided to us by third parties that generate leads on our behalf. These third parties will source this information from publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

  • You've met with Warmly users: When you meet with someone who uses Warmly, Warmly receives your email address. This allows us to provide them publicly available information from various sources to help the meeting go better. Once you've met with multiple Warmly users, our system recognizes you may be a potential fit for Warmly and may send you an invitation to try Warmly.

  • Recruiting prospects: In order to fill open roles and find the best candidates to join the Warmly team, our recruiting team may collect data to reach out to potential prospects that have been found on sites like LinkedIn, and through referrals from current teammates.

Want to opt-out of your info being on Warmly?

If you'd like to opt-out of your data being viable on a public Warmly profile, you can do so by visiting this page.

If you'd like to delete all data associated with your account, you can follow instructions for doing so on this page.

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