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How do I enable or disable Calendar Signatures?
How do I enable or disable Calendar Signatures?

Want instant insights injected straight into your calendar? Here's how to enable or disable our Calendar Signatures in a few simple steps.

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Warmly allows you to choose how you want Calendar Signatures to appear on your events by enabling or disabling Calendar Signatures, skipping non-Warmly participants and including recurring meetings. You can access these settings under the You Tab.

Here's how you access the controls to turn Calendar Signatures Off or On:

Enabled by default, Enable Calendar Signatures will show profiles for everyone in the meeting. Information about non-Warmly participants is pulled from publicly available sources and may include Name, Title, Company, Location and LinkedIn.

Calendar Signatures show a maximum of 10 profiles per event. If more than 10 people are invited, you'll be able to view the full profile list in the Meetings Tab of Warmly. 😊

Zoom App

  1. Opening the Warmly App through Zoom

  2. Clicking the You tab

  3. Clicking and scrolling to the Calendar Signatures Section

  4. Toggling "Enable Calendar Signatures" and "Enable Calendar Signatures for recurring meetings"

Web Browser

You can also achieve this by

1) Logging into your account via using a web browser

2) On the left hand side, click the You tab.

3) Toggle to the Calendar Signatures Tab


As a heads up, if you’ve enabled our Calendar signatures feature, we don’t delete them off previous and recurring events. We simply don’t add anymore. I hope this helps!

Skip non-Warmly participants

When enabled, the Calendar Signature will show profiles only for people who have created a Warmly account.

Note: If multiple people in a meeting use Warmly, Warmly will use the most permissive setting for that specific meeting. For example:

  • Alan, Brad, and Carina are meeting today. Alan and Carina use Warmly, while Brad does not.

  • Alan has enabled Skip non-Warmly profiles while Carina has not.

    • Since Carina's settings allows all participant profiles to be seen, Alan, Brad, and Carina's profiles will be visible in the Calendar Signature for this meeting only.

    • Alan's future meetings - where he is the only one using Warmly or all others using Warmly also enabled Skip non-Warmly profiles - would show only Warmly profiles.

Include recurring meetings

Warmly's default setting is to add Calendar Signatures to all your meetings. Turn off Include recurring meetings to disable Calendar Signatures for recurring meetings.

Note: this can be used with either Enable Calendar Signatures or Skip non-Warmly profiles.

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