Your Nametag should look like the below:

*Does your Nametag look backwards to you? No worries, it looks normal to others since Zoom "mirrors" your video, but here are the details to learn more and adjust this if you'd prefer*

If it does not look like the above, here are some things to trouble shoot:

  1. Ensure Warmly's Zoom App is opened and attached to the meeting. If you can click the "Apps" button at the bottom of your Zoom window (near "Share Screen") and Warmly's Zoom App appears on the side bar, you're good!

2. Ensure your camera is turned on

3. Ensure you can set a virtual background (try to set one from Zoom's native settings, you may need to download the "Smart Virtual Background package".

4. Ensure you're on the latest version of Zoom

5. Ensure the "Show Nametag" setting is toggled on in the Settings tab of the Nametag Builder

6. Ensure your organization's Zoom account has enabled Virtual Backgrounds.

If all else fails email [email protected] and we're here to help!

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