First off, why does Zoom automatically mirror my background?

Pretend your video call is a mirror and not a conference call. This is a view you're used to seeing every day when you get dressed or wash your hands. Since it's a view you're familiar with, Zoom makes it easier for you to understand how to move naturally in a digital space.

Without mirroring, when you raise your right hand, you'll see yourself raising with your left, which can be confusing- alarming even if you're in the middle of a massive presentation.

Important Note: Your meeting attendees on the under hand, see you normally as if they were sitting across from you. Whether you mirror or unmirror your view, it will not change how others see you.

Continue on to learn how to unmirror your background.

When you set your first Background Signature in Zoom, you'll see it's flipped. This is a default setting in Zoom that can be easily changed in Zoom or right in the Warmly App!

To unmirror yourself in Warmly:

  1. Head into the Nametag tab in the Warmly app.

  2. Click onto the Style section

  3. Click into Advanced Camera Settings

  4. Click Unmirror video

  5. Tah dah!

To unmirror yourself in Zoom:

Watch Jim change this in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select ^ next to the video camera and select Video Settings.

  2. Select Backgrounds & Filters.

  3. Uncheck Mirror my video.

This will be the new default settings for all backgrounds (including Background Signatures) moving forward.

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