What is the Meeting tab?

What you see and how to navigate the Meetings tab.

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The Meeting tab is where you're able to prep for upcoming calls by learning more about your meeting attendees without having to leave the Warmly app.

In this article, we will uncover what to expect when you:

  • Open the Meeting tab

  • Click into a meeting to access the attendee list

  • Access a specific attendee's Warmly profile

  • Use Warmly's productivity features

    • Running Late

    • Where r u?

    • Keep in Touch

Open the Meeting tab

Once you connect your calendar, the Meeting tab will populate a list of your Zoom meetings for the next few days.

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Hovering over each meeting will give you the option to join the meeting or copy the meeting link in case one of your co-workers want to tag along.

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Click into a meeting to access the attendee list

When you click into a specific meeting, you will be able to access the attendee list.

In addition to the attendee names, you'll be able to see key details such as their names, job titles, companies, and location details (if they've enabled it).

Access a specific attendee's Warmly profile

Clicking through to a specific attendee profile will show you all of the information. You can also take notes for each participant. These notes will persist with every meeting you have with that particular attendee.

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